Fremont, California, USA - Festival of Lights. Nov 29th 2019

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Hey, it's been a while for me posting on S.S., and I'm essentially out of the hobby as of September this year (lost everything - not what this is about).

A request was given to me by American Legion Post 837 (in Niles) for help from Military Vehicle owners in the S.F. Bay Area or "close and willing" for a parade on Friday November 29th 2019. They have a few WWII vets who are getting along in age and can't walk the parade route, and they are looking for a few MV rides for the vets (not a full convoy) in parade-ready dress. It's only a few blocks long, but the turnout is usually very large no matter the weather.

The leads they had have fallen through, so they asked me if I knew anyone around who might be available. I figured I'd put out the call.

If you're interested please PM me, and I'll put you in touch with the AL contact. Consider that the WWII vets are aging and of limited mobility, Command cars, GPs, CUCV, HMMWVs and similar sized are probably easier for them - if all we can find is larger vehicles, I can attempt to arrange a lift to get them up into the back.

Mods, if this is the wrong place to put this, please correct.
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