Fuel Pump Service Bulletin


elgin illinois
I have been bending wrenches since I was 15 and this is another one of those situations that will go into my "ODD but TRUE" book. I have been chasing a small oil leak on my M37 since I did the frame off restoration two years ago. I could clean everything off and run it in the driveway for hours and no leaks. Drive it around for an hour and let it sit and I would find a few oil drips down the front of the oil pan and some oil blown back along the side of the block and pan bolts. First though was the oil pan and filler plate. Dropped the pan re sealed everything but still had the leak. Next was timing cover seal and gaskets. No joy, still had the leak. So I lived with it for awhile since military vehicles a known for marking their territory. Then my OCD side came back into play. At last I found it was coming out around the pin that goes through the fuel pump body for the actuating arm that rides on the cam shaft and running down the front of the pan and getting blown back along the block. This was a NOS pump that I had rebuilt with a kit that had soft parts designed to handle modern fuels. I called John Bizal and asked if he had encountered anything like that, also thinking I may need to replace the pump. He suggested sealing the pin with Locktite 518 and seeing if that worked. I did that and took it one step farther. I clamped the pump in my bench vise and mixed up a little JB weld and dabbed it around the pin and pump body. I had to keep mounding it up and back where I wanted it with a small screwdriver until it firmed up enough to stay in place. The next day I did the other side. I am happy to report this has worked and I have no more oil leaks. Hope this helps some one out down the road. Cheers!

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