Fuel tank sending unit assembly


Central, MS.
You know the rules of the internet. You have to post pictures or it didn't happen...lol!

Sounds like you're on the path to getting it back on the road.
I'm getting there...took several pictures but haven't figured out how to post them.

Had some help on the weekend removing all my drill pipe, 4X4's, 2X4's, 2X6's (last two were blocks) used to lift and slide my bed back and a Pipe saw Horse the bumper rested on.

Bed is sitting on the frame except (3) 2X4 blocks up front on both sides to leave room to finish hooking up the RPV (rollover protection valve)

Does anything connect to the part of the valve that sticks through the bracket? The side ports go to the Tank and Vent, I marked them and they're labeled

on the valve body but don't remember where the one going through the bracket goes.


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Fremont, Ohio
good to see you can get the sending units now , I have been holding off pulling my tank to fix a gasket leak for way to long .
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