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wimberley texas
I follow these trailer threads and try to keep up with the topics, but i need help, I only collect, repair and or use
generator sets. it seems recently all generators are coming to me on the original military trailer/s.. Once the sets get into the 30kw size and some even 15kw MEP sets are too heavy for me to lift off and away from the trailer and make it easier to work on, then it becomes and endless act of me fitting my large frame self in between the gen set and jumbo ass fenders or building a ladder/step scheme to climb up onto the trailer deck. I have learned to adapt the lunnette eye loop and flip it over and gain 4" in towing level, my Chevy Tahoe truck has rear air bag suspension and a built in nice electric brake controller.
So my objective is to try and make one or so of these trailers into a more friendly work station and something safe to tow that if i can, will add braking and stopping help. I will list 2 what i think seem to be the most frequent trailers i seem to run across , first is one designated as a 2 1/2 ton model M200A1, this is my least favorite one or model, except for the LED lighting, those LED lights are downright nice, but the trailer offers no breaking assist beyond individual hand parking brakes and air brakes when being towed if hooked up. this trailer is the most awkard and PITA to work around and try and use.

the second trailer i see and experience is a NSN 2330-01-387-5424 this trailer is in general way more friendly for my needs and purposes, it has surge breaking, hand parking brakes, rear lights as well side lights albeit non LED,and a way more friendly jack stand and rear stand that can be set up quickly and with one person, I'm 75 and it helps not having to crawl around and do all the parking and set up efforts this trailer offers V. the M200A1.
What can i do to perhaps change tires and add electric braking ability and conversion to LED lighting all around for these trailers or just in general what all experience and or advice can some of you offer please.

Best and thanx in advance: mac/mc


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So the M200A1 is supposed to be towed behind a 2.5 ton truck or larger. About the only thing you can do to make it safer to tow is do an electric brake conversion. They should be air over hydraulic, so you can probably do an electric over hydraulic conversion and call it good. Either that or change out the axle for one with electric brakes (which means you can also change it over to a different hub size/lug pattern, and run smaller/shorter wheels/tires and lower it some). Not sure the year on your tahoe, but you're definitely pushing the manufacturer's recommended limits with that trailer.

The second trailer is the M1101/1102 series. It should already have LED lighting, if not you can toss in some LED bulbs rated for 12/24V, add a civilian plug to it, and call it good. There are also some smaller wheels/tires that fit the 8-6.5 lug pattern, so lowering it shouldn't be an issue doing that, and there are some threads on here where people have modified where the axle mounts to the chassis to lower it further if that is your goal.


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Burgkunstadt, Germany

You big old wimp. I love the M200A1. Don't be so cheap. Get a TRUCK! When everything works on the trailer, it works and tows great. Tahoe, Thats a car.

I will admit, they are getting older, (kinda like you) and harder to repair, due to parts.

The Army had the LED upgraded lights for the M200A1. One way was to order the whole lights, and replace them. The other way was to order the replacement LED lights. There was a small circuit card that was attached to the bulbs and it was a simple fix. Do you have the TM? The info should be in them.
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