Gensets at Ft Drum?

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Hey scooter, I know. I was serious about the questions from people who really don't understand our hobby though. The point I try make to them is; most people collect something, whether its trucks or stamps, it's good to have a hobby.
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At least what we collect has a purpose. What are you gonna do with stamps, mail a big box? How about spoons, gonna eat a 55 gallon drum of soup? At least with these prime movers we can move stuff or with gensets we can build power.

PS No such thing as too much power, call it reserve power!


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I previewed them twice.

Kevin Smart, the Fort Drum GL guy, said they were transfered from Mechanicsburg. Kevin does a good and fair job with his pics, if he spots a major defect, he makes sure it shows in the pics and usually calls it out in the written description.

They were in good shape, only a few were missing parts or partially disassembled. A number of them had antenna masts, commo cable reels and other accessories still with them. Two, of the ones I saw were marked as "bad" but that was clearly visible in the GL pics.

Many of the trailers had new rubber and a bunch had the 8 hole CUCV style hubs and tires on them, with a very few having humdinger style axles.

Throw in the few with no hours, other than the factory/depot test time, and I got the impression that the bulk of them may have been from a major unit turn-in, such as a unit wide upgrade to newer units or turning in excess equipment prior to deployment.

In general, they seemed to be straight from service, not beat up deadlined junk.

Except for a few flat tires, the trailers seemed ready to go over the road. I didn't see any that were missing lights or inter-vehicular electrical cables, although I didn't check every one.

Hope this helps.

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