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Keithville, LA.
Hello all, sorry for the long sabbatical. Work on the goat has been slow and tedious. I have had to change jobs a few times...things have been rough for the last year and half. I have finally started a job at the location I was working when I purchased the goat... now that a new company took over. I did manage to get a new solid state flasher assy. installed. I have slowly been acquiring parts from the favorite auction site, and other places that I can find anything I need. I have a small stockpile of parts that I have been purchasing that are a necessity to the restoration. I still have a lot of work to do but days off are about as rare as a unicorn sighting. I am still looking for a soft top, but cant seem to find one. If anyone knows where to find one..doesn't even have to be new, a good used one will do. then let me know. I am still going to post pics of my "little man", he is not so little anymore. I do look forward to this nice cool weather we are getting down south this winter to be able to get out and actually do some work on this thing!! My wife is about to make me sale this thing.. I need to get it on the road so she will change her mind!!lol
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Al Capone

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Pearl river la
I restored a goat couple years ago . I had a soft top left around here but it was rough . I think they cut the front top area where it slipped into retaining groove. Think there is no back clear plastic in it . I also have left around here some brass crush washers for the brake drums and maybe couple for the body drain plugs . The red river I think it was place in Texas had lot of parts for this thing still but you have to have part numbers and just email and ask . Can’t call and just ask if they have any joint or something . Which they did have u joints stupid cheap lol


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Maine USA
Glad to hear you are back working on the goat. If you need something send me a pm I may have something, I'll keep an eye out for a top.
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