Goodyear MT/R Tires Safety Message


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Aight so, today I spent about 3 hours back and forth on phone calls with 3 product engineers at Goodyear and I spoke to the NTHSA. Goodyear has not issued any recall nor do they intend to. Not even any safety alert or notice. They had no clue what I was talking about when it came to the safety alerts we got from Texas. They said they warranty a tire for 4 yrs from its Date code on it being free from defect or sidewall deterioration due to dry rotting. They said if you inspect the tires and they show no dry rot or cracking in the sidewalls then they should be fine. The one guy told me in all honesty that the government is just covering their butts on trucks that have been sittings for years and have bad tires on them. Especially the 2nd hand government surplus people like the state DLA units where they sit on lots for years before someone comes to get one tire.

NTHSA just advised me to inspect any tires and without any absolute eyeball cracks or interior defects then they would not see any issue with mounting the tires up. Even back to 2005 date codes.

So basically this is something we would all deal with on ANY surplus or old tire. Just check for the cracking and dry rotting in the sidewalls or between the treads.
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