Google Street View, Okinawa, USMC parachute training exercise


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I assume a parachute is a military vehicle. I found an interesting Google Maps street view showing a 2014 USMC parachute training exercise near Okinawa. I found this after reading a CNN article about 9,900+ acres of US military base land the departing administration is giving away. As expected the article seems rather one-sided but it does offer a decent map of the various bases and a few interesting details. After some more research I see that the abandoned runway and modern commercial strip nearby were all part of the same USAAF base in 1945.

No political comments please.



Ariel view,127.7667845,2267m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

CNN article w/ decent map of US bases

Map of USAAF strips in 1945

Image below
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