Got a new m1009


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I replaced my transmission vacume module, shifts softer now, but still not quite what i would like, need do a little adjustment and maybe have the shift points done. All the vacume rubber is good. Also finaly fixed my gauge cluster shift indicator arm. Someone had broken that off in the past and just stuck a piece of steel pin in for the wire to loop around to the column. Keept sliding off the pin and becouse so narrow it pulled the clip off the column when went to 1st or 2nd. Fixed it by using a longer sheet metal screw that i ran through a grommet, with a nut and washer to take up room betweek the gromet and metal dash. Screwed into the dash and ran the shift wire around the gromet. Gromet is a nice polished smooth steel and wide enough, nice part too is the top is big enough to slightly over lap the cluster so the wire can't come out eather now. Hope this helps someone else, i know mutiiple people have this issue. Heres also a pic of my stereo and my extra large big gulp and other grap holder :) works surprisingly well. Nice that i can also put the lids back on and they look like 2 normal ammo cans in the middle of the seat. Keep stuff in and people out.

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Very nice. Now grease the cable and slide area. That will wear and break if it is run dry. Use a finger tip of wheel bearing or chassis grease.
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