Government Encroachment - Court Opinion handed down

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So I know some of us have had had to deal with code enforcement and our trucks or other things. Or even maybe other government agencies. Regardless of its local/state/etc.

Well this opinion was handed down by the US Supreme court last year which has not filtered down to all levels of court or enforcement yet but it does help any case some of us may have where a simple code enforcement officer walks up your driveway or into your yard and peeks over your fence or simply tries to take a picture from anywhere that is not public property.

The just of this case says .... the "curtilage extends to the area immediately surrounding and associated with the home and any law enforcement intrusion of that requires a warrant"

This can be reaffirmed in Camara v city of San Francisco in which unreasonable search and seizures apply to all government action and not just law enforcement.

Stand up for yourself if you have this happening to you and on your property. Taking pictures of your items from the sidewalk is one thing versus them wanting to walk all over the place and take pictures.

There will be further case law handed down here in TN as a federal court has granted my 4th amendment violation to go to trial against code here shortly. I will post that opinion once it is done as there wont be a settlement it will be trial only.

This thread is locked for a reason and not a discussion. This is for helpful benefit to show to stand up for yourself and not be encroached upon without legal reason where some of the smaller courts kind of make up their own rules.


Not open for further replies.
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