Heartbreaking DUKW pics


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You know im a purist but I think those are great. I bet these were converted in the early 50s when they were worth pennies. If all had been saved none would be worth anything.


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We did not really have military vehicle collectors here till the late 70s that was about the time the MVCC came into being.
The first set of pictures of the cut up DUKWs in Australia, could have been here. White Owl parts company here in North Carolina did that with all the DUKWs they got in. The bodies were cut off and they were made in to log skids. The late Terry Kivett told me stories of his father buying up DUKWs from Camp Lejeune and they would cut the bodies off. No one wanted a DUKW back then, they wanted trucks that could pulled logs out of the forests. If you really want to cry, read the story about all the GPAs (Ford made amphibious Jeep) that Memphis equipment had at one time. They could not give them away. They ended up pulling the engines out, and selling the bodies for scrap.
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I had a project a few years ago stripping Forestry Fire Shop M35A2's down to a rolling frame with a transfer case. Ride the Ducks bought them at auction, I towed or drove them to my shop then my partner and I prepped them. We stacked them on their lowboy when finished. They built new hulls, installed a Chevy V-8, and they became "new tour ducks". Amphibious Vehicle Mfg was their production name.
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