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Lurked here briefly intending to do a bit more research before committing but stumbled onto a local M1088A1 with a new set of tires and the gear swap done. The wife was already on board and after a test drive (it was even registered!) we took it home for less than a high-mileage 1-ton pickup. I understand the compromises it will dictate, but we are looking to get access to out of the way camping without having to worry too much about... well, just about anything. Its mission now is to replace the our "proof of concept" cargo van camper so it will get built out as an expo RV.

First steps are to finish swapping on the new tires- only two were on the truck at the time of purchase- and do some maintenance checks. It was gone through at CAT of Portland courtesy of the prior owner and needs a new fan belt and trans fluid change. While I am at it, I need to check the driveshafts as well, and then keep hunting through the forum here to find out what else I should update (I've seen recommendations specifically about an air dryer swap).

Despite all the learning ahead of me/us, I am stupidly excited to call it ours. It is an absolute laugh driving it. It's awesome. I love it!

I have another obscure car habit for which there is basically only one forum analogous to this one, and it's a great source of info and sharing. I am very excited that this forum exists, and it seems to align itself in the same manner. I am impressed with the participants here, as everyone seems genuinely interested in supporting each other and these machines. There seems to be a high signal to noise ratio so I don't have to waste my time with crap threads and internet drivel.

Speaking of which, I shall now sign off before I dilute the content here any more.

Thanks for being here!

2000 S&S M1088A1
Portland, Oregon

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