Help finding parts for 1953 M211

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Hollywood, MD
The VFW I belong to purchased a 1953 M211 for a static display and for parade use, runs real good was really surprised when they found it in a junk yard. My son and I have been tasked to get it road worthy. After looking it over the worst thing we could find was the front axles seal leaking so I'm looking for seals and brake shoes. The truck is all original and I was amazed in the drive train, spending 20 years in the Army in the 63B/Z this vehicle just amazed me. Has anyone used silicone brake fluid and if so any problems? All suggestions and recommendations are appreciated.


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Edmonton, Canada
Welcome to the hunt! You're fortunate the son took an interest in it. Enjoy those moments.

I just checked the links and this page still seems to work. The guy that spent a ton of time on this page is a genius who's taller than most.


I'm sure the local lads will chime in with brake pads and parts. We're a back-up, frozen storage field so if they don't find the gold we can usually thaw it out of the ground up here. NOS front knuckle seals can be found from India, then in Elvis's home town. Not all NOS seals remain usable so back up plans and parts may be needed. We broke the knuckle seal trying to stretch it over the ball so the at the top.

You're likely running the smaller 1 1/4 wheel cylinders. Some aftermarket 'new' cylinders tended to leak soon after install. Acquiring and hoarding quality parts is a good plan. We've been lucky with the larger 1 3/8 wheel cylinders only having to replace one in 6 years. The barn out East is still full of cylinders apparently.

The air pak needs attention. There's a port on the back that likes a little lube every six months. We used air tool oil which has kept ours happy so far. We also drain the air tanks at the end of every day.

Our deep freeze has split a few brake lines on the trucks running Dot 5. The guess is the water separates, settles in a low spot, freezes and expands. We also found a grey colored soup in one of the trucks we flushed. No one asked the 60 year old rubber inside the existing system if it was ok with Dot 5.
We're running Dot 3 in year eight with the last five years in outdoor storage.

Real good to see another one on the road for a little video competition across the continent.

You're in for a ride.

Once you're up and running do a little 0-50 video for us and let's see how those 9.00 size tires pull the extra weight to 50mph.


Vancouver BC
Welcome from Surrey and Qualicum Beach. I use the dot 5 once i've gone through the brakes once. Seniôr Plowboy is correct that old rubber parts and usually rubber in general thats been exposed to dot 3 usually will turn to trash and fail. I dont see the kind of low temps he does so the line splitting isnt as much of a concern. If you do make the change include a system bleed at all the low points at least once a year before the freeze up as routine PM.
If you really get stuck for brake shoes there is a place out here called West World brake and clutch. They will reline what you have if its servicable. Theyve been great to deal with and pretty reasonable even with my obscure '42 ford CMP.
It's been a while since i looked at the parts archive here. Do we have part crosses for brake hoses? They would be one of the first items i would change out regardless if they looked good externally. Single line brake system...cant be too careful.
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