Help me build the ulitmate Deuce Recovery List with Instructions


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Haven't seen chalks on the list but I would hightly recomend it. Wait I see it nevermind. I am always in fear of the truck getting away from you when working on the air or parking brake. I like big chalks and I cannot lie, all you other brothers can't deny.
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All, this is great data, Has anyone gone the extra mile to put this in book form? with pics and so on for dummies? The manual has much to be desired of course.

After reading this list, seeing where all this goes, and links to sellers with product codes is great.

Curious what else might be smart to have on this list for road side events. Spare hoses? Clamps? tips and tricks? Just me thinking outload.:wink:
I think this is a really good idea. Any chance you could get the recovery manual in about 3 weeks? :-D That's when I'll be picking up my truck.

One thing that would really help me out is the capacities of each system. Everyone says to bring oil, brake fluid, and what not, but I don't really know how much to bring (especially the brake fluid). I think a 5 gal pail of oil is ok, but I don't know how much gear oil to bring. A description of the drain/fill plugs would help, too. I'm sure I could figure it out when I get to the truck but I would like to know ahead of time.


Here is the "Great List" on the new forum.
"GREAT LIST " for picking up your Deuce! - Steel Soldiers::Military Vehicles Supersite

I guess that has the amounts that I need.
All of the fluids needed and thier capacities for your truck should be on a plate on the dash. You can do a google or yahoo image search for a deuce and a half dashboard and find a pic where you can read the fluids chart as well as tire pressure info, manual information, trans shift pattern, RPM per gear info and anything you need to know to get the truck from point A to point B.
Good luck! :beer:
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