Help me diagnose my fuel issue

The FLU farm

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The actual midwest, NM.
Like I said it does not fire at all, the strainer / pre-filter seems to always be full when I check it, and the filters are full whenever I check.
Okay, then it may be blockage, not leakage. I've pressurized the tank, through the vent, to get fuel through the system.

And as far as using starting fluid goes, being lazy, I just spray it into the air intake while I'm sitting in the seat, operating the clutch and starter button.
If doing it right, you can keep the engine running. But it's like seating beads with it, you can also screw things up by using it the wrong way.

Remember how my (supposed) parts SEE was very obstinate in the beginning, and understandable so? Well, once the fuel system was leak free and the crap had been worked out of the system, that engine purrs.
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