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Knoxville, TN
Good evening all, sorry in advanced for such a long post, just wanted to pop in and finally say hello. Picked up my first MV last December. It is a quite unmolested 1969 m35a2 w/w air shift transfer. besides it being a untouched multi I have no clue which engine is in it due to the data plates screen print is gone it does have what I believe a 88 stamped where the manufacturer date would be and at the bottom stamped 3988055 I do know it is a d turbo. It did lol have a M1078 cargo cover Installed on it. The previous owner said it was bought through GL and was used for a youth retreat to transport people around the retreat grounds. It had sit for what the owner said for 7 years. We agreed on a price that I believe was a very reasonable 3500. Of course for the amount of hibernation she had been in, I trailered it back home from Chattanooga TN. Since then I’ve done a rough clean up and a through walk around inspecting what needed to be addressed. I have already knocked out a few task as in installing a remote reservoir for the brakes, went through all three axles replacing bearings, seals, wheel cylinders and shoes as needed and a fresh flush of dot 5. Going in a day to pick up new wheels and tires for it, changed all fluids and filters. Had the in tank pump stuck so I pulled it and dismantled the pump assay and cleaned it, the vanes were coated and plugged in a lacquer type coating, reassembled it and works like it should. I have a spare alternative Parker pump if need be. Got her titled and insured ready to put to work on the farm. Like all I have a rather longer list of things that need to be addressed but one thing at a time. Again sorry for the autobiography of this girl. Most of the pictures are of the day I picked her up except the last with the troop seats off, that was a few days ago. thanks all that have put into this amazing site. it has made my job so much easier in working on the truck. Ps green fever I believe spreads quicker than that nasty that’s going around now. I already see a m818 and 816 in my future for the farm to be put to use. B2EC0DDB-3F76-4266-8933-662808AD8F73.jpeg33617C36-677D-4974-982D-07F114400934.jpeg51AD532F-963D-4B16-BFAF-6A0EF0B26B38.jpeg16FAEA4F-4A18-4269-A59A-14165FE78FA1.jpeg6E8249E6-81C5-4B27-9470-E69A0A82D54A.jpeg08D4E1DE-091A-4DCE-A0B5-3CD67F6E6171.jpegBE6592E8-8DB1-466C-9E74-2AE712D40238.jpeg4E158C19-5A9C-458E-A243-9479B9B00731.jpeg7DEF4B0E-F085-4955-ACD2-80A8237D90F1.jpegED757D03-5516-4841-A550-55880495D09F.jpeg
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