Hi all. Bobbed 52 M135 Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia, Canada
Well i always wanted one, even got a winch and some old headlight buckets awhile back, just so i could say I owned a part of a Deuce. Anyway I found one near enough (100km) and im in the process of acquiring it. It hasn't run in two years, but worked mechanically when parked, one bad spot under the pass door but the floors solid, that's rare around here!
I plan on looking for a parts on as soon as i get this one home, it needs a few big parts.
Fenders and hood. maybe i can rebuild them... but the hood especially is rough.
Windshield frame, bubba's only serious offence to this rig, the current window frames are wood...
Gas tank. and straps.

can i buy these parts anywhere NOS or new after market, or do i have to find second hand stuff.

I had a M38 and there was no shortage of parts for that.
I expect ill find some local ish peoples whom have parts hoarded after i start asking around.
also it has 49" tires XD


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Edmonton, Canada
This I gotta see!

Welcome to the Early Deuce madness club EDMC. An M135 bobbed on 49's sounds like a dream truck.

There was an old utility M207 that got bobbed over on the East side of the map but seeing an M135 will be a treat.

Early Deuce Parts can be a bigger secret than Canada's bunker programs so you'll need to hunt a little. How far are you away from Diebert?
I don't have a map of early deuce parts but I do have a map of Nova Scotia fall out posts from the 50's.

Scotty has a few Deuces and is above you on the map. He made a lot of contacts so we'll hook you guys up. Niagara truck parts, Brian Asbury, Tom at Alpha Heaven, Memphis and many others advertise parts. Having a few spare trucks laying around is always good.

There could be two numbers stamped on that beast. An important one is on the passenger side frame rail near the front shock. If it's an M135 it'll read 1135XXXXX.

The other number is more specific to the unit number and many were hammered into the top of the drivers side frame rail, just in front of the rad.

If you didn't find the link for the after market parts it's in the Early Deuce forum marked with a pin.

Searching the world wide web for search terms like "G749 parts" "M135 parts" "M211 parts" is netting some real gems. Be careful with those internet buys and chat with us again before you buy anything.
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