HMMWV radio footswitch


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The HMMWV is notoriously loud inside and even with the LS-671 speaker you can barely understand what's being said. It works better as an annunciator to let you know someone is calling you. Recently I switched to a really comfortable General Dynamics single earpiece headset I bought off of Ebay but it still needs a free hand to operate the PTT switch in the bailout cable. To get away from that I mounted a waterproof push switch on a 1/4" aluminum plate and mounted it to the headlight dimmer bracket and interfaced it to the radio with one of the Harris CW interface "Y" cables currently available on the internet. The result is an easy to use, hands free radio actuator. Unfortunately this won't work with the H-189 or H-250 handsets because their PTT switch also connects the mic where the GD headset doesn't have an inline switch in the PTT circuit.

Harris footswitch interface.jpg

Radio footswitch.jpg


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