Hmmwv serial # / year of manufacture list


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In many states the registration process is "computerised" and demands a 17-digit VIN. Typically someone in the department has authority to do an "override", but some states will issue a special VIN, or add digits (zeroes or whatever) to make it longer. The system of 17-digit VINs is intended to make them unique. In registering HMMWVs I have had at least one case I recall where the 6-digit number was already in use for a trailer or something...

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I have mine titled in NC (and I was the one who got it titled at the NC department of motor vehicles). I took a look at my title document and there is no connection between the VIN and title number. The VIN from the data plate was on the title document (only 6 digits on mine) but the title number seems to be some sort of randomly generated number.
Title number is essentially an additional serial number for that vehicle that is NC specific. It gets used during issue and renewal, it also changes if you go from a Lien to no-lein. No idea why NC does this.
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