HMMWV transmission cooler hose leak.

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I have an interesting one for y’all. My humvee with the 6.2 is leaking ATF in 2 locations. One is the bottom hose that connects to the transmission cooler. The other leak is where a similar line hooks up to the Transfer Case. The one in leak in front seems to be under pressure to spew fluid all over the inside of the hood. Anybody see this before, or have any other ideas/ fixes?


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Those of us who have been playing with military vehicles for years know the value of continuous tinkering with them. The first thing you want to do when you get a new vehicle is to inspect the lights and brakes. Don't just be happy your vehicle stops. Take it apart and look for shoes or pads that don't move or are weeping fluid. Replace all the hoses and belts. Inspect anything made of rubber! This includes all your heater lines too. Weather and age is hard on it and it does have a finite life. The new fuels are particularly punishing to things made from real rubber. About once a month I get the creeper out and roll around under the truck looking for suspicious wet spots and loose hardware, especially on the HMMWV. The way it vibrates it must have been designed by the maker of some sex toy! I've picked up on loose brake calipers, a water pump leak, and a power steering pump ready to fall out. Honestly, look at everything. Remember, the unplanned roadside stop you save may be your own!
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