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I am looking to use my civilian generator welder, a lincarc 225 dc pos and neg welder, to power the arc function of a wirefeed and use the 50 hrz 3,000 watt generator part as the power to trigger and drive the wire. the reason is i have limited space in my welding trailer tool boxes for any 115 buzz box wire feeds. i currently use a fire power fp 130 wire feed for my mobil mig applications, no big jobs with it. but i am tired of having to lug it around. i saw a very small version of a wire feed at big r stores it was a forney brand but it was the size of about 6 inches wide and 8 inches tall and 16 inches long and has the ability to use large spools. but to my main point is it possible to do what is mentioned above with an old wirefeed modified for this purpose. i would remove the power supply transformer and i would also be using gas so i could use non flux core wire or do duel shield. any comments or sugestions would be great as to lead me in the direction of it would work or im just stupid. lol. Thank You Justin
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