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Okay guys, never really thougt about it before, but I have a 151A2 here that I've been having trouble getting started. Ran beautiful before I parked it for the winter, now she don't want to start <img src="emoticons/icon_smile_sad.gif" alt="Sad">
While playing around though I did notice that the coil seems to be getting VERY hot. I mean hot as in you can still feel the heat off the distributor and it's been 15 minutes or more since I turned the ignition switch on for about three minutes to test my voltage to the coil. Could I need a new coil? Been lucky and never had a problem like this before.



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Charleston, WV
Hey DS,
I haven't had that exact problem, but if it is getting that hot, I would say you have some sort of internal short in the coil. I know they will get hot, but that sounds a bit excessive. I don't know a lot about the Mutt's coil, but I think it's part of the dist. housing right? What's the spark look like?

GR Webster

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had a problem getting my m151 A2 started after 2 months sitting in the garage- after a check of everything I could think of, gave up- but there is an antique car dealer in town so i asked him to take a look at it- gave him the foot high stack of manuals. It came back the next day, driven by his smiling mechanic. All fixed, he said smiling and gave me back the manuals. He said he didn't need them - was a motor pool machanic in the army {VN} and worked on them for 4 years or so... it was the carb needle valve that got stuck, so he retuned everything and said how nice it was to work on a simple M151 again- generally he has expensive, foreign and prewar us vehicles to work on...
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