How do i make this crane work what pto?


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thanks guys going to try to get a oem pto from a guy locally he doesnt know how it mounts but its still on the truck so ill be able to see whats the best way to set it up.


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Check on the requirements for the pump before you get too far, my crane needs about 15 plus Hp to operate, too much for a belt driven pump IMHO.
Also 10 GPH @3,000 psi continuous duty.
Call Clark Truck Parts ((304)-755-8811) in Poca, WV for parts, they probably have what you need.
I don't have the specifications of the tire lift so it is possible that it's requirements might be more than the hydraulic pump on the dump truck. The 11.5' Marshall plow is not a lightweight and the system sometimes powered both it and the rear mounted salt spreader at the same time with the engine mounted pump. You could not mount the plow up on wet grass and drive away without ballast in the dump bed. There are larger engine driven pumps that this truck had available. It might be an alternative to a pto system.


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The clutch/belt driven PTO pumps can be fairly heavy duty and are used on a regular basis on tow trucks that use a lot of hydraulics simultaneously.... rate your pump by GPM and PSI - your engine provides the HP. Most pumps I am familiar with run 15 -25 GPM @ 2500-3000PSI which is more than enough for that little crane. The issue is that they engage using 12 volts not 24...

I got a deal from Boyce about 7 years ago on a transfer case PTO and ran my hydraulic pump that way. Make sure that who ever sells you the transfer case PTO also includes the Yoke (as well as the oiler tube) - it is a tapered shaft and would be a PITA to find an easy replacement. I just attached a shortened front drive shaft and a couple of specialty U-joints (the Transfer Case yoke and Chevy yokes are different sizes). I put the PTO cable nob between the front seats. So I put the T-case in neutral, pick a gear I want to run the pump in (usually 3rd), and while slowly releasing the clutch I pull up the PTO cable and feel the PTO engage...

If you are mounting it behind the cab, you will have fun like I did and have to shorten your bed and move your fuel tank... good luck!!!
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