How to trouble shoot the glow plug system

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There are a lot of threads on cucv glow plug related systems. They are not covered under any Chilton's or Haye's manual. However, the military has a wonderful trouble section for them in the -20 manual. For those that do not know what that is check the link below. They have a trouble shooting section for anything that goes wrong with these. If you do not find it in the -20 then check the -30. It has trouble shooting for more in depth problems.

For glow plug problems go to page 112 and follow the chart. This chart will check all the inputs and outputs from the glow plug controller. If you can make the glow plugs work by jumping the relay then use this chart. If you can't then follow the no start section of the troubleshooting section of the -20

Link to TM9-2320-289-20

Also a primer for military manuals for the ones that do not know.

TM is a technical manual, FM is a field manual, and LO is a lubrication order.

The numbers except for the last group denote a specific vehicle system. All cucv manuals have the numbers 9-2330-289.

The last numbers tell you who uses the manual. -10 is a users manual. It tells how to use something. -20 is a unit maintenance manual and -30 is the direct, general, and depot support manual. The -20 will take care of most tasks we have but for more involved stuff you would to look in the -30. Sometimes the manuals will have a -24 or -34. Anything except a -10 is a repair manual. If the last number is followed by a P it is a parts manual. The parts manuals are great to see how stuff is oriented on the vehicle as the diagrams are exploded diagrams.

The manuals are simple to read and understand. If looking at them on PDF there is usually click able links to related tasks or diagrams. They are easier to read and understand than Chilton and Hayes manuals.
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