Hunter H1 heater engine and shelter USAF

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Ogden, UT

I picked up a small trailer mounted H1 heater this summer. I believe it was an air force unit used to preheat engines and shelters. It is NSN 4520-01-135-2770 P/N: 8227100 manufactured by Hunter back in 1983. It uses a single cylinder lister diesel engine to drive the burner unit.
heater1.jpg 20190605_202953.jpg 20190605_202951.jpg
When I first got it I was able to get the engine running, but someone had broken off the power wire on the ignitor coil. I was able to solder the wire back on and repair it.
20190605_193146.jpg 20190605_202907.jpg
I fired it up again and turned on the burner and it fired right up for a few seconds and then acted like the engine was starving for fuel. It appears the old barnes pump on it is dying.
20191129_141213.jpg 20190605_193211.jpg 20190605_202917.jpg
I noticed people were selling similar heaters but with an updated pump on them. It looks like it would bolt right on as long as you were able to get the adapter that bolts to the engine. I was lucky enough to find one with the block and shaft adapters.
I installed the new adapter and was trying to figure out the piping, but the new one seems to have a lot more ports on it than my old one.
20191129_151018.jpg 20191129_151033.jpg 20191129_151102.jpg 20191129_151043.jpg
Here's a fuel diagram for my older model
Does anyone else have one of these heater? I've searched and could only find the TM for the older gasoline engine powered model. I'd like to find the TM for either model, probably will need the fuel diagram for the newer one so I can hook up the pump. As near as I can tell, the tee with the flare fitting is the fuel inlet. The tee with what appears to be a check vale seems to go to the nozzle. That leaves a port that suntec says would be for a pressure gauge (the fitting is cut off on the new pump, will need to remove it). There is also a port for return pressure, this newer pump appears to also have a pressure regulator built in. If anyone else can offer some expertise it would be very much appreciated. I wish I had gotten to this a few months ago, it's a little late now. This is our first big snow of the year and we've had over a foot in the last couple days.
Also looking for a muffler / exhaust if anyone has a lead on one or ideas to route it over to the orange exhaust hose that goes to the burner chimney.


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wernt well made, weren't well logisticly supplied We never as a rule preheated Jet engines. 431 Crew Chief may have melted ice out of the intake and off the IGVs before a launch but that's about it . They ran much better if you let them cold soak and get used to the cold. In fact, I never did it in 20 years at cold tier bases , BUT we certainly pulled a H1 heater under the cowling if we had a long ( multiple shifts) job . kept the troops warmer . just had to not let them get to comfortable. Security Police used them more than anyone on their post shacks / as a rule unless the task called for heat for a sealant or a precise measurement Jet Engine troops seldom got heaters . better to let them feel the cold and get the job done


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I just picked one of these up today, it's missing the injector line for the petter engine. Hopefully I can get it up and running.


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We mainly used them to warm ourselves, but most of the time I stood by the exhaust of the hobart power unit ;-)

The one in the pic looks much larger than the little h1 heater I remember
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