I could have cut the door in half..But...

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People kept clonking the door on the extinguishers mounted on the step.
Benny M45 suggested cutting down the thing.
They are all 'live' however, (Every bit of kit on this truck is fully functional and operable).
So, I went another route and cut the step and fitted the extinguisher further down through the hole, And made a plate for it to sit on.
Anything to relieve the boredom of 'Lockdown'.
Benny M45 (The Cadet helper) Swung by today (And), Fitted a new handbrake cable to a jeep.
He adjusted the clutch on my M45 530C, And topped off the gearbox with molyslip.
He checked and blew up the tires on all trucks in the shop.
We took a run through the local town, Adjacent to the estate where tiny lives we sounded off all it's (The M45) sirens and horns!
We received a text.."Was that you?",
Benny, "Yep. For you, Get well. See you soon",


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