ibis tek 24" light bar pin out diagram

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Hello all,

I just ordered a light bar to put on the cucv to help out while plowing and off road night driving. Only issue is it take a military plug, so if anyone knows where I can find a plug for this bar or a diagram for all the pins that would be excellent.

I see guys around here have them in different sizes so hopefully someone has this. Tried searching the web with little success and also contacted ibis tek directly no word yet.

Thanks In advance.


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Please use all this info at your own risk, as I haven't made this into a "defacto" article.

The plug is just a circular connector
TE Connectivity P/N 213906-1

(Note: Pictured here is not an original connector -but all the pins are right- but one I got off eBay so ignore the right angle adapter, as that is an unrelated part)
2014-12-29 01.17.13.jpg2014-12-29 01.18.22.jpg

Mouser shows the female receptacle (just like what is already mounted on the light bar - don't ask me why it still says "plug" on that page) for that exact part number. You need the Plug.

This place that I found through a quick Google search shows the plug: (Note: Without pins though)

I'm no expert but my guess is the TE Connectivity Part Number just specifies this type of plug/receptacle interface and you need to know which side of it you want.

Pin-out, as seen very clearly above is like so:
1 2 3
4 5 6 7
8 9 10

The most important info:
Pin #2: To Power (+24v)
Pin #9: To Ground (-)
(That's the big pins)

And for a simple circuit, I believe (but I'm not sure) you just put 24v on one of the other pins (3, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 10) to turn on the HID or IR (no, sorry I don't know which - bad memory says 6 and 8? - I also don't know how much current it needs/draws to turn things "on"). This has been designed to be complexly controlled via a vehicle cab mounted control box with independent switches for the HID and IR, for light-bars mounted both on front and rear of a vehicle.

I have a 66" Ibis Tek light bar with a control box. I have the following cables/connectors:

  • The 10-pin TE Connectivity to the light bar cabled to a 6-pin control labeled as "front" + 2-pin power/ground (Hence why only 8 of the 10 pins are used).
  • 9-pin TE Connectivity to the dash mounted control box with a matching 6-pin control for the front and 3 pins for a rear control ( don't have any "rear" wiring harness).

I sat down a year ago and did a pin-out of what connected where but I don't think that'll be of any help to you, so I won't go into that. I need to create a comprehensive post that can be stickied as this is a regular question for folks.

You can find this info right on Mouser's website, but you can also search this PDF for "213906-1" (it's on page 49) and you'll find the plug and can find the referenced pages for the exact pins (See "Related Product Data" -> "Contacts -- Pages 17-21 and 47")

View attachment ENG_CS_82021_CPC_sections1-5_0807.pdf
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Anything further on this....
Seeing how there is no control boxes available or wiring harnesses (Ibis Tek 24inch), has anyone made there own switch/control box?

Making the switch box shouldn't be bad, just figuring out what pin ins/outs belong to what in the light bar is would be a chore if you have to take it apart to figure out what is running what.


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I have the same bars, two on top. And I just connected the hid lights in series and ran power to each battery to a switch. Will do the same for the IR lights when, if, I get goggles.


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Does anyone have an account or know someone with an account that can order from Ibis Tek? I would like to get the harness that mates up to the front light bar switch and use one of the 24" light bars as a rear or auxiliary. I have the part number from the installation manual.


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Below is the pin-out that I came up with through testing:

Pin Function
2 (big pin) +24 VDC
6 (small pin) turn on HID light (connect to +24 VDC)
8 (small pin) turn on Infrared LED and fan (connect to +24 VDC)
9 (big pin) Ground

The connector parts are available from Mouser, as previously mentioned in this thread. Below a couple of photos of the HID light and the IR light. The IR light can be seen faintly with a cell-phone camera:


I have a few of these 24" Ibis-Tek lights listed on Ebay if anyone is interested:
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