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The first completely newly developed truck from <FONT color=red>GDR Manufacturing[/color] was the IFA HÁ, which developed starting from 1951 in[b
IFA%2BW-50%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8%26sa%3DG][color=#0000ff>the]Horch work, where before the war the luxury vehicles of the autounion company were built. The <FONT color=red>3 Ton[/color] HÁ covered the need below the heavy H6 and in large numbers of items, also for the export, was manufactured. 1957 took place the advancement to the H3S, one year later were called the truck then S 4000. S stood for collective combine VEB Saxonia ring, into which one had combined the past Horch work and the former DKW work in Zwickau. But already one year later, 1959, took place the repeated advancement to S 4000-1.
1960 were shifted then the entire manufacturing of S 4000-1-Reihe von Zwickau in the neighbouring vehicle work, [color=blue>Ernst]<FONT color=white>of [/color]Werdau. Not only outwardly there were close relationship to the large H6. both are based on engines from a development series. In the HÁ/S4000 a 4-Zylinder-Diesel worked also at the beginning of 80 HP of achievement, in the H6 after the unit construction system of derived 6-Zylinder with 120 HP. As S 4000-1 in the course of the advancement the pay load had been increased to [color=red>4], the achievement amounted to now 90 HP. Until 1967 S 4000-1 in Werdau one built in such a way. Approximately 40,000 vehicles developed for 16jaehrigen production time in that well.

Until 1958 the H6 is built both in the VEW work Horch Zwickau and in [/b]IFA%2BW-50%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8%26sa%3DG]<FONT color=#0000ff>the vehicle work Ernst [/color]Grube in Werdau. It had a pay load of [color=red>6.5] and last an engine performance of 180 HP. After 1956 the production of the H6 ran out gradually.

In March 1956 in the context of the avoidance of doubling developments (in Warsaw Pact the states) by the advice for mutual economic aid (RGW) small and middle passenger cars and truck under <FONT color=red>5 Tons[/color] of pay load were assigned to the GDR.
1962 were introduced in Ludwig field the IFA W-45, (Prototype of the W-50), developed by engineers of [color=white>Ernst] from Werdau. It nevertheless possessed a diesel engine. The entrance consisted of a few welded together iron pipes over the front axle turned out too briefly.
From 1965 to 1990 built W-50 reached end of 1985 430,000 pieces was estimated with an export quota of 70% in the socialist brother states as low-priced and durable trucks and. For its own engine development there were however no capacities, 1967 the license for <FONT color=#0000ff>the MAN [/color]m-procedure was bought. The pay load amounts to depending upon execution up to [color=red>10], the transmission had 5 courses.

The IFA W 50 with first 110, then with 125 HP, was as 4x4 for agriculture and military an export success (pay load approx. <FONT color=red>8 Tons [/color]with the Allrad-W50).
[table cols=2 width="100%" border=1]
[tr ][td ]<CENTER>Vehicle</CENTER>[/td][td ]<CENTER>IFA W 50</CENTER>[/td][/tr][tr ][td ]<CENTER>Engine data</CENTER>[/td][td ]<CENTER>R4, Diesel, suction engine, 2V/Zyl.</CENTER>[/td][/tr][tr ][td ]<CENTER>Achievement</CENTER>[/td][td ]<CENTER>92 KW (125 HP)</CENTER>[/td][/tr][/table]
In the 1952 in enterprise work in Ludwig field, gone, among other things the small transporter "Diesel ant" was built, which 1957 the vehicle work walter living took over. On this basis the Multicar 21 was introduced to 1961, a narrow light load car, which got over the turn as only GDR commercial motor vehicle.

By the IFA W-50 a tractor was abgeitet, the [color=red>IFA]. Starting from 1967 there was this tractor with 125 HP, to which a course load of <FONT color=yellow>25 Tons [/color][color=white>was]

In the 70's IFA presented the 1013, which was never built however from lack of capital in series.

A new development, which was built in series, was the L 60, which was presented 1986.
The L-60 is considered as a successor of the W-50 however parallel with the W-50 starting from 1987 was manufactured. Now the tiltably implemented driving cab represents like the entire L-60 a new development, which resembles only the W-50 strongly. Frameworks, suspension, axles, etc. are all intensified, more stable advancements (above all larger and heavier). Transmission (8-Gang), clutch and brakes (hydraulic-pneumatic two-circular braking system) correspond completely to the standard of the western countries at present the development of the <FONT color=red>L-60[/color]. are also based the entire technology on compressed air. The W-50 had only hydraulic brake with compressed air support. Those max. Pay load was increased to [color=red>12], the trailer weight amounts to <FONT color=red>16 Tons[/color].

[table cols=2 width="100%" border=1]
[tr ][td ]<CENTER>Vehicle</CENTER>[/td][td ]<CENTER>IFA L 60</CENTER>[/td][/tr][tr ][td ]<CENTER>Engine data</CENTER>[/td][td ]<CENTER>R6, Diesel, suction engine, 2V/Zyl.</CENTER>[/td][/tr][tr ][td ]<CENTER>Achievement</CENTER>[/td][td ]<CENTER>132 KW (180 HP)</CENTER>[/td][/tr][/table]
As novelty the IFA 60 L was introduced to 1989.

After the turn 1989 IFA von [/b]IFA%2BW-50%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8%26sa%3DG][color=#0000ff>Daimler-Benz]was taken over. First still [/b]IFA%2BW-50%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8%26sa%3DG]<FONT color=#0000ff>Mercedes [/color]of vehicles ("easy Woerther") under the label name IFA were sold (IFA1120), then disappeared the signature of the vehicles (1990).

One, both again and used, gets spare parts for the W50 and L60 directly ex factory Ludwig field. Tel. 03378/80 46 56 or 04533/80 61.


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What exactly is that anyway? Looks sort of Soviet, or Eastern European. It's not US is it? Looks like a US bed, but what sort of tires are those? Just curious...


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It's an eastern bloc truck. 3 ton if I recall correctly. Has CTIS and locking diffs. Those trucks are pretty common across the pond but few are here. That one was sold on the GSA website and was without a bed. Good eyes on the bed though. It's a common 5 ton bed delivered to the previous owner by ....me. Its a behemoth of a truck and has a hole in the roof on the passenger side for a ring mount. I've not actually seen it since he's had it running. Good luck with it Jeff! Are you driving it home from Pompano Beach or having it shipped? Oh, by the way, there are little 14" sections of bed rails missing on that truck right there on the front of the troop seats. I remember seeing stacks of those at Wayne Harris place if you need them.
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