Injection pump questions (general)


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Columbus, GA
I have three trucks that appear to have IP issues. Getting someone to look at them who know what they are doing is impossible. I HAVE to have these trucks running. I know IPs run on pixy dust and unicorn poop. So I need to take the mystery out of them. I have looked on line but could not find any good information. Is there a reliable source or a good downloadable manual I can access? I want to learn how they work and how to rebuild/repair them.
I have very limited access to the internet right now. So please bear with me if I cannot respond right away.


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Mt. Eden, KY
Google "Cummins PT pump" lots of manuals available for sale and a couple good tech videos on U tube describing the inner workings.
Lot of info out there. There is an animated video that explains the function of each sub-component in the PT pump. After viewing that, you will understand that there is no pixy dust involved, just screws, gaskets, springs, spools, diaphragms, drilled passages, plungers, buttons and orifices.
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