Isolated ground bushing replacement


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Dallas, TX
OK, attempting to restore my original alternators. PO hacked the crap out of them and who knows if they even worked when I got the truck. I ordered rebuild kits but they do not include every thing i need. I have found and ordered the proper Batt terminal kit [1987808] but am having no luck finding the one for the isolated ground terminal [1987809], in particular the insulating bushing [what was in there is not usable], I don't mind using a regular screw [what was used in the one I have tore down for some reason]. Without harping on it too much there was a lot of things done wrong by whoever "worked" on this alternator last. As I have converted to 12 volt [only] I purchased a new [not original] alt for the right to get it going but would like to keep the original dual alts if at all possible. The links [at least the ones I found] either were broken or did not have the parts I need. I know someone, somewhere is making them as the new alt has all the terminals [isolated gnd, and tach/diagnostic] on it, now whether they are available [to me]...
Any/all suggestions appreciated. I have googled/searched looked at every alternator site I found for the last week with no luck.
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