KDS CR-2699 Smart Start Box problem?


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West Palm Beach, Florida
Can someone help me diagnose my glowplug light issue.... Ive got a KDS green label CR-2699 smart start on my HMMWV. Truck has been starting fine up until recently... Within the past 2 months, randomly the glow plug light will illuminate for a split second and go out. I turn the key and the engine turns over and starts, but almost seems like the batteries are low. The needle in the voltage gauge is in the yellow, after about 5 minutes with the engine running, the voltage gauge needle goes in the green, but If I turn on the fan blower switch for the A/C or the heater fan, they will not turn on. But eventually the blower will come on. If I turn the truck off and restart it an hour or so later, the glowplug light illuminates for 5 seconds, and the truck starts right up w no hesitation and the a/c will come right on.

Now, 90 percent of the time the glowplug light illuminates and stays on like its suppose to, the truck starts up strong and everything is great.

Ive installed a brand new grounding harness, pulled the glowplugs out and none are swollen, and I checked the battery voltages and they are fine. Im here scratching my head. I guess the smart switch is going bad??

Do I replace the CR-2699 like for like or is there another model number compatible?
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