Kent-Moore V-belt tensioner J-7316

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Happened to come across one of these - came in a „box o‘ tools“ I bought a few years ago, never needed it until recently when I changed out my generator, PS pump, belts, etc.

Using one of the little „klickit“ devices is awkward, hard to read, so I remembered this gadget and pulled it outta the box:

basically reads zero. No reading at all.

So before I start disassembling and figuring out if this CAN be recalibrated, or just turn it into a relic paperweight, I thought I‘d run it by the usual suspects and see if anyone has a manual or other direct experience with it.

BTW: tried multiple ways to FIND „Kent-Moore Organization“ and it all leads back to SPX or a reseller (whose 800 number is dead).

Yeah, I could just buy a new tool, like the J-23600-B, but hey, I‘m driving a 25 year old FMV for a hobby, I like old stuff.

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Got it.

Well, not really, but close.

Phone number for Kent-Moore (aka „Automotive Service Solutions... Kent-Moore“ aka „Bosch Tools“ as identified when I connected to a person) is 1.800.345.2233

Turns out the part J-7316 IS in their computer, for „Heavy Duty Truck“ use, but it was superceded by J07316-A some years ago, then was labeled as obsolete with NO part number superceding THAT.


Closest I can find to the actual part NOW is J-23600-B from the TMs and elsewhere.

When I spoke with Bob (the rep/tech question guy) he told me how they used to calibrate these gauges.

Hang a 100 lb weight (or 50, or whatever the scale calls for) from a belt (fan, serpentine, whatever), snap the gauge on and adjust it to read the weight hanging from the belt.

Seems pretty straight-forward.

I‘ve got at least one spare belt I can hang weights from and try this once I figure out how to disassemble the unit and move the button/adjust the dial.



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Got tired of looking at mine and since nobody bought it, I took it over to the thrift shop last weekend. Oh well.