Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild


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There has been a void on this site without your presence Sharecropper.
I trust all went well with your surgery and your recovery is is going well.
Please chime in with some updates if you can.
Ok here’s an update - the surgery was last Tuesday 6/8 at Louisville’s Norton Spinal Hospital. Everything went as expected and I stayed in the hospital exactly one week and was discharged this past Monday 6/14. I had 4 vertebrae in my neck which had rotated into my spinal cord and would have eventually caused paralysis. So the doctors cut those vertebrae out completely and secured my spine with some screws. I am now in a neck brace and must wear the brace for 4-6 weeks until everything grows back together I have plenty of pain meds so I feel just fine. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers through this ordeal.
Now the good news - on Monday 6/7, the day before I went into the hospital, I wire-transferred 50% of the money for the Supercharger to Bullet in Australia. The engineer at Bullet I’ve been working with indicated that they would need to cast a new aluminum intake which would take about 4-6 weeks, so I figured this could be happening the same time my neck heals up. They have inventory of the intake without the intercooler, however the model which accommodates the intercooler was out of stock. The intercooler is a special aluminum radiator which fits into the intake just below the blower. There is an inlet and outlet fitting milled into the rear of the intake casting, onto which standard 3/4” heater hoses are attached and routed through a 24-volt water pump through another radiator which mounts in the front grille of the truck. There is also a small coolant reservoir and vent cap included in the kit. All parts are off-the-shelf and readily available. The kit will be shipped with a 60 mm snout pulley which will provide 11-15 pounds of boost throughout the entire rpm range, even at idle. Boost can be increased by simply changing the diameter of the snout pulley, however after extensive discussions with the engineer at Bullet, we decided on a 60 mm pulley and 11-15 pounds of boost even though my P400 can handle more.
The engineer at Bullet also said that I would need a marine pump and injectors to reach to the 300 hp capability of my P400. For this I reached out to Jeff Huhndorf at Hucksdorf Diesel in Franklin,Wisconsin. I’ve used Hucksdorf for all my pump work for the past 10-12 years with excellent results. These guys really know their stuff. After discussing with Jeff what I was doing with the supercharger, he recommended building a DB2 5437 pump and setting the fuel to satisfy a fuel flow for 250 hp with the capability of being turned up to 300 hp. That way I could set the fuel based on what my P400 would need. Since this would be uncharted territory and had never been done before, the 5437 marine pump would provide the capability of setting it to whatever it needed to be. He also recommended a set of .330 marine injectors, which I agreed.

Guys this should be a fun project. Once I get healed up and get back to working on the truck I will photo document the whole process.
I almost forgot - my body shop friend will be starting on the bed and fender painting next week. Barry McFadden did an outstanding job enlarging the wheel well openings and adding the M1009 fuel door on the passenger side. I still need to mount and plumb the new tanks but that shouldn’t take long. I’ll keep you guys up to speed on my progress as I move along.
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Great to hear surgery went well. Very scary where the are working. One wrong thing could have bad results. Heal up well. Looking forward to truck progress.


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Rest and heal up SC. We want to see your build, but not at the risk of you being in chair the rest of your life. So do as the docs and the health care people say and get back into the pink!
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