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On a 6.5 NA, non remote reservoir pump. Has anyone been able to source a pump local? Looking at pumps and seeing alot that are very very close but not exact part number.


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The pump on the M998 is a plain Jane Saginaw P series pump (metric) calibrated for 1200PSI and 3GPM.
The P series pump is easy enough to ID just google it, unless the reservoir is damaged all you need is the pump body,
The pulley does not use the standard Saginaw puller, a steering wheel/harmonic pulley puller will do the job and a piece of high quality all thread can be used to install the pulley, just remember to measure the distance from the end of the shaft and the pulley face for reference.
There are many companies selling high performance P series Saginaw pumps but probably not good to go over 1300PSI
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