Looking for a speedometer gearbox from a trashed transmission


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northern nh
My 1300L is in need of the small adapter gearbox that goes on the end of the speedometer cable where it attaches to the transmission. Its a small rectangular box that has two outputs ,one capped and one connected to a speedo cable with one input from the transmission. Its used to adjust the Mercedes speedometer to match the gearing in the transmission. The one on my 1300 was damaged internally and it looks like this adapter may be able to converted to get my 1300 speedometer to spin a bit closer to MPH. It unscrews from the cable and the transmission.

If you have one send me a PM. Obviously its not worth breaking up good setup but if you have trashed transmission its not of much use.

Its in section 47-4701 line 12 of the parts manual

12 PAOZZ 2520-01-244-9663 64678 000 542 60 09 ADAPTER,DRIVE............................................ 1
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