Looking for an 802a engine genius.....


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It's the 2 cylinder engine. Quick start, dies immediately, then very hard start....

So I took off the crankcase door off and cleaned out a clogged oil pressure relief valve.

In the process of cleaning off the old gasket from the crankcase I removed two remaining studs. They came out easily and screwed back in easily.

It was after that when I was looking up torque specs on the door that I read that those studs shouldn't be removed, or if they are removed they need to be re-installed and the tappets need to be reset. Or, at least that is how I interpreted the manual. They are the tappet studs for the injector pumps.

So... looking for some suggestions from anyone who might have had a similar experience, or perhaps someone who can tell me if I interpreted the manual correctly. I was thinking that if I needed to reset the tappets I could remove the studs and turn the crank 'till the tappet is raised. At that point I oughta be able to install the stud for that cylinder 'cause it would be at its highest point and the stud ought go straight into the tappet slot. Repeat the exercise for the second cylinder.

All that assumes that I can't simply screw the studs back in. They went back in easily to their full depth with no binding.

Note that the crank shaft has not been turned since I began this task.

Any suggerstions??
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