Looking for members that live around Ft. Campbell


Liberty Township, OHIO
Hello All,

I'm looking for a member that lives close to Ft. Campbell KY that maybe able to help me out. I went to pickup my M1084 and troubleshot many issues on site. The fuse that turns on the Panel wasn't staying closed so we taped it closed, then the starter fuse doesn't work so we opened that up and pushed it over to get the starter to work. It wouldn't start so we investigated the fuel filter (known for sucking air) and it was, so we fixed that and then the trucked fired right up. Then the hydraulics wouldn't work but instead of troubleshooting that we used the hand pump and moved the outriggers up. About the time I was ready to jump in and get on the road, my son said the transmission gear selector wasn't powering on. I was told if the truck was low on power then it wouldn't work, so it might have been the two battery system that was hooked up. Then the truck after shutting down wouldn't restart and we could hear the batteries dying. So we figured the two battery system wasn't hooked up write and the alternator was "out of the loop" so to speak or the alternator is actually bad. I'm going to assume the batteries are the issue but I don't want another 10 hour drive just to figure out that isn't the issue.

So in conclusion. If there is anyone that knows someone that works on Ft. Campbell that may be able to put me in contact with someone from a maintenance company or someone that lives close that would be willing to go trouble shoot this, I would be willing to pay for the help. I'm really wanting to make the Haspin Acre's Rally which is the weekend of the 7,8 9th of June. So if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. It's in a big motor pool with 50+ other military vehicles which is shared with Gov Planet. Gov Planet has a few vehicles there and it looks like the motor pool is an overflow for the military. I didn't see any units or soldiers other than two walking around. (Yes I asked them if they were in a maintenance platoon).

Thank you for your time and for anyone that can help, thank you in advance.


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Navarre, FL
Try posting in the LMTV/FMTV specific section for troubleshooting help. Many folks don't bother to stray outside the specific vehicle areas they are interested in.
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