Lord help me I've become a Goat Herder

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Well their heads did explode. Funny thing is I ran into Keith_J while I was there (and the line was still around the lobby). Strange coincidence.

Anyway, they could not figure out what to put in for "body type." I suggested "truck, 1 1/4 ton" but they said it had to be something from their drop down menu and didn't think it "looked" like a truck. The woman finally put "container" since she thought it was generic enough of a term to work. I said I didn't really care as long as I would be able to license it when the time comes. Luckily it only shows up on the title as "CF" which could mean anything.


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A least the lobby wasn't filled with frumpy 40 something Chatty Cathy public school teachers harping about all that wasted paper and lost trees..I so wanted to shout "trees are a crop like corn" but didn't because that might start a tirade of anger on property tax day.

Yes, the 1031 is legal for another year, along with my baby trailer. Which is a good thing because it looks like a good bit of aluminum welding on the Goat and the welder is now a permanent fixture of the truck.

The wife won't let me wrench on the goat until the sun room is finished. I nixed any texture on the drywall, just slick and smooth so dust will be easily removed. But that means a killer floating job and two prime coats.
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