M1009 No power to the dash or lights or anything from the bulkhead


Hi Guys

I need advice.
I have power from the batteries to starter and to the bulkhead/firewall but as soon as it enters the cab I get nothing no power anywhere but I do to the antenna mounts behind the seats that is the only place.

it doesn’t start or turn on or over.
I have no power at all inside the cab and I have trouble shot all I can think of.
Does anyone know of the Military ever installing any kill switches?
Ive checked all the fuses and starter relay and they are all perfectly fine.

I am literally getting no power at all to the fuse box or anything.
Please give me some ideas what it could be.
I have checked the batteries and they are all good and I am replacing them with brand new ones out of my humvee that I just installed and getting new ones for that as I have to bulk order for a few new humvees so might as well just bulk order for all of them at once.

Any ideas of any kill switches would be awesome.
Anyone got a diagram or photos of the back of black out switches and stuff as mine has one of the two and want to replace with two new ones.
Where I can get new ones please.



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How abpout the fusible link that runs from the negative cable on the rear battery to the 12 volt power point on the firewall to the right side of the master cylinder. Left side if you are standing out front looking under the hood. Did the fusible link melt out? Check that and report back. And are the battery cables clean tight and properly installed? Seems easy enough. Good Luck.


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The fuse box at the bulkhead has inside a black gunk that is suppose to act like a weather proof coating, keep water from corroding the contact surfaces.

If you have checked the power wire all the way to the bulkhead connector, fuse box, and have power to there then no power inside the cab in the fuse box then the black gunk is probably the problem with the transfer of power.

Take positive cables of batteries, disassemble box by taking bolts out to separate. Look inside of fuse box and check for waterproof substance. I disassembled mine and just by putting it back together the fuse box began working again. So I did not remove gunk, I took apart and put back together. I suppose you can clean and put back together, but that will be a chore. Maybe just clean contacts with electric cleaner and q tip?

The post Viet Nam Forum will have a Sticky with CUCV wiring diagrams in color that will help also.

Good Luck.
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