M1028 6" lift

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I had to look back at my photos from 2011. When the ORD shackle flip is installed the rear axle is rotated. This causes the bottom shock mounting tabs, welded on the axle tube, to also rotate and therefore not allow the shock to attach to the top shock mounting stud on the frame. The way I overcame this problem was to cut off the tabs on the axle tube and re-weld them on the tube above centerline of the tube. The shock on the drivers side would still mount OK, however after I saw how much better the passenger side looked, I also cut off and relocated the tabs on the drivers side, This relocation of the bottom tabs also removed the possibility of hitting rocks or other hazards, which complimented the ORD U-Bolt flip on the rear axle.

DSC02567.JPG DSC02568.JPG DSC02569.JPG Copy of DSC02624 - Copy_LI (2).jpg

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I thought I remembered a discussion about it... Sharecropper's is probably the cleanest but there are some other options to ponder...



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Has anybody else had a problem with the rear shock axle mounts? The lift has rolled the rear axle up in the front enough that the passenger side shock won't mount.
You are going to need to reposition the tabs on the axle tube in order for the PS shock to work.
Check RuffStuff Specialties, they are my go to source for tabs and brackets for building just about anything. They likely have better shock mount options for less than your time carefully removing and cleaning up the old ones. Just hack the old ones off, grind the tubes down clean, weld the new ones on. I think they sell on ebay as well once you find what you want on their site.
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