M1161/M1163/M1164(trailer) Documents

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Deridder, La
Tim CLARK in Maryland
Hopefully you've got permission by now
I have Operator Manual but serious need for Maintenance manual(s)
You can reach me at glengar@verizon.net or Tel# 410/833-4442
I really need the wiring
Hey gents,
I thought I'd start this thread for the collection of documentation. I have a PDF version of the official USMC TM but I cannot distribute it yet without the okay from higher to do so. There is a cover sheet that specifically prohibits the distribution of this TM (for whatever reasons) which probably explains why most of them were destroyed and not sent with the vehicles to auction. I'm still in the Corps and have access to the TM database but I have to respect the rules regarding distribution.
I can relay what info I find and post some screenshots of specific parts of the TM manual so if any of you are in desperate need of something, in particular, let me know. The TM for the growler is 600 pages long and there's tons of good info.
I'll post the basic specs here that come from the TM. I will upload whatever documents I can as I find them.
I need the wiring diagram bad, thanks for your help


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USA. Md.
M813rc you hit the nail on the head. Even Crystal (the contact at GrowlerMe) had to obtain permission to distribute the manual. She is clearly more connected to the people who make these decisions than I am and I am thrilled that she was able to obtain permission do distribute. I was directly instructed not to distribute the manual and so I will not be doing so. I’m not here trying to make a buck off of it which should be clear at this point. I don’t think GrowlerMe is trying to make money off of it either because they are charging only $15 for a copy which is a killer deal.
The Marine Corps is much more stingy about the distribution of its manuals than the other branches, to the point where TM’s are often hard to obtain by the Marines who need them. There is a portal that works some of the time but hardly anything regarding the Growlers is listed there.
The Marine Corps destroyed the physical manuals as part of the demil process, which even further proves they didn’t want them available to the public. Again, its fantastic that GrowlerMe has received permission to distribute the manual to everyone. The difference is if any brass get salty about its distribution it wont come back on me and there’s not a lot they can do to GrowlerMe for taking the responsibility.
I’ve not been in the military for 27+ years but I’ve certainly been in long enough to know how to watch out for my career, not to mention respect the rules of the military, even if I think they’re stupid or outdated. Believing that we should be allowed, by default, to distribute a document simply because a vehicle or weapons system has been removed from the system is a rationalization at best and one that suits our own end goals.
While I personally don’t see any tactical reasoning in forbidding the distribution of the manual, that is not my determination to make. Imagine a military comprised of individuals with security clearances who think they can decide when a document can be made public on a whim or when it suits them. I guess that’s also why the vast majority of military members don’t/can’t hold security clearances🤔 have you shared the service manuals yet. I would love a copy. Thanks Steve. stephenevans89@gmail.com


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need electoral wire diagram. thanks
The diagram being updated here may be of help. I'm not sure of the meaning of you quote, but we know much more about the program than RetiredWarHorses mistakenly assumed in January. How this relates to the TM Service Manual is that the platform was experimental and not obsolete, the TM apparently contains classified information (probably for the weapons, comm's systems, indicators of tactical use, inferred capability, etc), and has not been released to the public. So, we are making our own wiring diagrams.

Oversimplified, the ITV program was a planned USMC 10-year experiment to gather information and data relating to battlefield rapid-deployment in helicopters and VTOL aircraft. The program was to run from 2008 to 2018, with dismantling in 2019, and did exactly that. There was no divestiture, obsolescence or other 'negative' response, and the ITV research program was successful in its goals. Per the schedule, the vehicles were demilitarized of communications, weapon systems, navigation systems, etc, and released by requirement through RB/GovPlanet contract under ITAR. As the experimental program research information and data is being collated and used for further development and strategic guidance, much of the relevant info has not been and may never be released.

As the vehicles were part of a "weapons system", they are still actively held under ITAR regulations, which is why you must complete a background check by multiple agencies in order to qualify to obtain one from the Government. Note the ITAR regulations continue to follow the vehicle after initial acquisition, with certain reporting and transfer limitations. Because of this, we may never know exactly what was learned in the research, nor its effects on today's and tomorrow's MV development and tactical or strategic application. Based on accounts from individuals involved in the development and testing, they had extreme capability and robustness. Indications (which, again, cannot be specific) were of high regard for the ITVs.
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