M1236 Cougar?


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A place I know of, has in their posession, what I believe to be a BAE produced MRAP/Cougar H M1236. 4x4, Cat powered, very dirty. Been sitting there a while. Guess it sorta belongs to a local PD. It was towed there, non runner. I was there and they asked about it. Seems they cannot get the complete unit to power up. There are 4 batteries, 2 under hood, 2 lh side compartment. SOMEHOW, they found a wire and installed a toggle switch. It powers a buzzer, but nothing else. I looked all over for a master switch but could not find one. They have zero literature on it. Lets START with this question. Anyone know where a master switch is? With their toggle switch installed, no dash lights come on, no engine warning, nothing. The wire is VERY small, 18 or 20 ga, so I am sure that the wire tapped into is a relay feed and not a power wire. At the slave connection I did notice next to a 30a circuit breaker, there is a battery cable size cable cut off and protruding from the connection. Do not know if it is power to or out of the connection, did not have tools, but will go back and have a look see armed with a DVOMM1236.jpgM1236 1.jpg
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