M151 Vacuum and Fuel line connection help needed.

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Kansas City, MO
I have the engine in my Mutt and have done a bunch of research but my Mutt has a typical Frankenstein set up and I need advice from those with more experience. The body is an A2 but the engine and fuel tank are close to A1 non-emissions. Here is what I have:

Non-emissions fuel tank. Fittings are-fuel out, fuel return and vent. (Obviously the fuel out goes to the pump then filter/carb.)

12848 carb with no fuel return. The brass fitting on top by the choke butterfly has two holes. The bottom hole is for the PCV. The top hole is open.

Mechanical fuel pump with no vent fitting, just fuel in and fuel out.

The air cleaner (which I modified to take a Ford Econoline air filter) has an opening in the top and two (a T fitting) in the body.

The distributor has the usual two lines one in and one out to cool the coil.

The intake manifold has a fitting at the rear of the manifold.

The PCV lines are all hooked up per the TM. Can you guys help me with what needs to be connected to what and what should be plugged if any?



Allentown, PA
First thing you should do, is take the Fuel Filter off and get the proper fitting to install it, you should never screw it directly into the carb, you can crack the carb doing it like that.....
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