M151 vs M151A1

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Technically (and I say technically because I'm not sure if this change happen in 151 production or as part of the A1 production) the rims where changed from the magnesium rims with the slots to the steel wheels with the holes. Also A1s got the two position seats where the straight 151 had the screw nob adjusting seat.
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The M-151A1 had the following major changes:
1. The spindle support hubs were fastened with six bolts instead of four.

2. The open C channels of the rear suspension arms were strengthened with a harder type of steel as well as an additional C channel that was welded inside the open C channel of each suspension arm.

3. An additional rubber snubbed was added to each upper A arm to bring the total to two.

All this occurred because of hub and arm failures when the MUTT was loaded beyond design specs in a tactical environment.

4. The oblong manhole drain covers were eliminated and changed to a simple machine pressing of a water outlet in each front floor panel.

5. The windshield heater slots were increased from two to four under the left and right glass.

6. Starting with serial number 2G-0668 (This is when Ford regained MUTT production from Kaiser Jeep Corporation on 15 Feb 64) the Zenith carb replaced the Holley carb.

7. Starting with serial number 2G-0668, the heater fresh air inlet was eliminated as a smaller heater came into production that did not need outside air from one.
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