M1's don't float

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sucked down into the slick Alabama red clay nose first. The front end was completly under and the driver had to close the hatch to keep the mud from coming in.

I saw a very similar thing at Ft Polk in '86. We had an attachment of LANG tanks with our Mech INF Bn. The 113s were swimming through mud so the tankers thought they'd try dryer ground to our left flank. I watched three of them following one after another like little ducks until the first one was fender deep. By that time the trailing 2 were deep enough they weren't getting out. We just kept going and I don't remember seeing them for the rest of the 2 weeks we were in the field.


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Leo I was designed in the early 60s. The M1 was designed in the late 70s to early 80s. Thats why you won most the times. How about a Leo II. Your M1 had a 105 mm gun, the Leo II from the very first day the 120 mm smooth bore gum which the M1 got with the M1A1 version. Years later!
Anyway, the sticking tank is realy a big issue for the recovery team.
Which version of the Leo I you drove. The A1 to A3 had a manual transmission, the A4 a full auto transmission.