M220 AirPak rebuild.

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I bought some used air paks off these fellas years ago. They were very professional and quick to deliver. I asked for air paks for the old deuce and I'm anticipating I wasn't clear when I said M135. They sent me longs instead of shorts but it gave me parts. I don't know their status now but be very clear with communications when ordering parts verbally. http://samwinermotors.com/

Did you try these guys? https://www.eriksmilitarysurplus.com/rekitform55t.html

I did some quick searches for "5 ton air paks" and visited some air conditioning sites which wasn't helpful. We'll need to find some better search terms if we're using the internet for searching.

I called our local brake repair company that rebuilds air paks and they figured they could help with parts. Edmonton Brake and Clutch.

Are there any heavy truck companies in Boston that still have those good old boys behind the desk? Boston Brake and Clutch?
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