M35A3 dual fuel tank setup

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Sgt Jiggins

Potato Peeler
Steel Soldiers Supporter
Lynchburg, VA

Just finished mounting 395/85R20s and an electric fuel pump on the M35A3. Which left me without a reasonable way of putting the spare in the original location. But... plenty of room to hang a 2nd fuel tank. Anyone done this?

I can see taking the return line down the driver's side frame rail and using that as input to the 2nd tank. But hooking the 2 tanks together? Bernoulli says they'd both be at the same level as the lowest situated common connection... Eg, if I run a hose from the inside-bottom on the driver's to the inside-bottom on the passenger side both tanks would fill and then drain to that low level.

I guess I'd just need to find/make a clear path to run the intermediate hose and brush up on my aluminum welding skills.


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