M35A3 Radiator Fan

Heavy D.

Newport News, VA
Long story short, 10 years ago when i was young and dumb i took my A3 through deep water and blew my fan apart. I have long since replaced it however my fan clutch control valve has failed and i had jerry rigged the fan to have 0 air pressure making it run continuously. Today i added a 2 way toggle from Erik's Military Surplus on the dash that lets air to the clutch manually when i want the fan off and it works perfect.

my issue is that when the clutch is not engaged the centripetal force of the pulley on the engine is still spinning the fan at a very high speed even though there is nothing engaged. My question to you guys is how fast should a disengaged fan rotate if at all? I have verified that with the engine off the fan rotates easily by hand, not like a fidget spinner mind you, but more like 1 full revolution before stopping.

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