M35A3 with 395 spare wheel in stock location?

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As I mull over whether to switch from 365s to 395s, I'm thinking about where to put the spare tire since I've read that it won't fit in the usual spot. My first thought was to put it in the bed, mounting it flat against the front center of the box similar to the M37. Then if I got a flat on the side of the road and called a tire service, I'd have to help the tire guy unload the 400 lb sucker from the bed or figure out some way to make it easier (I don't want to mount a bed crane - I like my flat floor!).

As I searched the forum for solutions, I saw that fellow member @VPed managed to fit a 395 spare in the regular location on his M35A2. From the data plates, it doesn't look like the M35A3 has different axle spacing from that of the A2. Is there something I'm missing with this mod that others have not been able to pull this off with the A3? I'd rather put the spare where it was originally intended to go on the truck if possible.


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Dimensions there are all the same, between models. Problem is you only have about 44" measured from the toolbox back to the 1st rear axle tire, if you are already running 395's. That means the toolbox needs to be modified/shortened to make enough room for a tire that's almost 46" in diameter. And then the spare tire carrier needs to be re-positioned further out and to the front, accordingly.

It is doable, but not very practical - so most carry their spare in the bed. Or just keep the original 14.5R20 size for a spare.


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Mine is a M35A2. I do not know if my tool box dimension are different from an A3.
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