M4 Sherman fixing....sorta

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The museum has three M4 A3 E8 Sherman's. One is a runner, the other two are just display. This particular tank was a save from a gun range. It acquired while it was still on the Range but unmolested. Was pulled off the range and put on a road for pickup. Nobody told the aircraft that were using the range that this tank was off limits. I believe it was an A-10 that hurt this. Kind of destroyed the right hand side road Wheels, suspension parts, pockmarked the hull and one round went through the deck plate above the engine and through the engine so that got destroyed. The headlight guard and blackout light guard on the left side of the tank have been bent over flat for years. A while ago it was decided to try to fix it, just for looks since it'll never run. The guards were cut off, most of the way straightened out and then left to sit in the shop because of the volunteer that was doing it got sick. So the pieces Parts didn't get lost, we decided to put them back on. Here's some pictures.



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Ha Ha never run? That is a creampuff compared to some that have been brought back from piles of scrap. Be careful on the carnage, I still have scars from deep cuts I got while grinding all that off a M47. The sharp edges just reach out and slice you.
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